19 December 2012

Guest Blog: Privacy Update

The Privacy Blog continues, with news from MEF's Simon Bates on the latest developments in the Privacy in mobile Apps Initiative, and a call for help from MEF members.
You will be aware of the excitement around online privacy. Businesses realised a long time ago that the information they collected from people visiting their sites was valuable to advertisers. Few, though, made it clear that this information was being bought and sold. This led to a public outcry which resulted in ‘Do not Track’ legislation in the USA and the ‘Cookies’ Directive in Europe. 
Legislators are now turning their attention to the mobile app market. If the mobile content and commerce industry doesn’t demonstrate its commitment to protecting consumers’ privacy then governments will act. This will lead to strident new rules that may or may not have the desired effect and will impose an extra layer of red tape on businesses. 
As you’d expect, MEF is leading the charge. The recently released Global Consumer Survey 2012, available for all members to download for free, found that consumer trust remains a key barrier to the uptake of mobile content & commerce, with 35% of the global audience citing it as their primary concern.

MEF launched its Privacy in Mobile Applications Initiative at the inaugural MEF Privacy Summit in Washington DC earlier this year, with the goal of helping the global mobile industry build consumer trust when interacting with mobile apps that collect user data.

Working closely with members who are experts in privacy law and app development, we are well underway with a programme of work that will clearly show that we do care for consumers. That there’s nothing wrong with collecting and sharing data so long as you are transparent about it and let consumers control the way their information is used.

We are building a tool for developers that will help them build best practise privacy right into the design of their app. The simple web-based platform will quiz developers about how their app uses a consumer’s information.

18 December 2012

MEFTV at the MEF Africa Office Launch

MEFTV spoke to several of the new Steering Committee members at the inaugural meeting, held in Cape Town during AfricaCom last month. Here we hear from MEF members Digitali, with Stefano Valenti & Demetre Kotsonis, and get their thoughts on the role MEF can play in Africa.

To hear more from the MEF Africa Steering Committee members, head over to the MEF website.

17 December 2012

MEF Africa Launch in pictures

MEF recently launched its dedicated presence in Africa at the inaugural Steering Committee meeting in Cape Town. The new MEF office was launched in association with Vodacom, and aims to help promote African mobile growth and showcase innovation.

The launch and steering committee meeting were well attended by a cross-section of industry luminaries from right across the value chain, and representing the whole of the African continent - check out the photos from the launch below - and to find out more, head over to the MEF website.

16 December 2012

Take the Women in Wireless London Chapter "State of Play" Survey

Women in Wireless (WiW) London is conducting a survey among females in the mobile and digital media industries in the UK and you are heartily encouraged to participate by clicking this link. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. 

The survey objective is to explore the current state of play for women’s career and life choices, and to understand how companies can work with organisations like WiW to develop the skills and options available for women to pursue a challenging and fulfilling career path.

As a reward for participating, you will have the option to provide your email address to be entered into a prize draw to win a Kindle HD tablet – a special post-holiday season gift! WiW will also inform you of the survey results and future London activities.
Click here to participate and rest assured that your contribution will remain confidential and your details will not be shared with any third parties.

To keep in touch with WiW activities, join “Women in Wireless London Chapter” on LinkedIn and Facebook, and follow @WiWLondon on Twitter.

14 December 2012

MEF Middle East surveys show strong mobile growth in Middle East region

MEF Middle East’s Office, co-founded by the Qtel Group, has published its third Middle East Mobile Content & Commerce Survey, carried out in partnership with KPMG. It found that overall the level of confidence in growth in the region remains bullish, and is growing.

Fot the third year running, MEF again invited everyone who does business in the Middle East, no matter where they are headquartered, to share their insights into this key market.

The study offers a unique time line of business confidence in mobile content and commerce activities in the region. The market appears to be growing ahead of expectations with almost a half of respondents saying their company had grown, while just one in ten had contracted during the third quarter of 2012. 90% of respondents were optimistic about growth with notable increases in both mobile social networks (33 per cent) and mobile games (10 per cent) segments.

The results of the third ME Survey reflect the findings of MEF's annual Global Consumer Survey released last month. Carried out in partnership with On Device Research it reveals the behaviour of mobile media users from across the world, giving unprecedented data and intelligence into mobile engagement and purchasing habits.
Head over to the MEF website to download the survey report in Arabic or English - available to all MEF members right now. Non members may download an executive summary of the findings.

12 December 2012

MEF North America m-Commerce Playbook

The MEF Global Consumer Survey found that the US now has 91% penetration of mobile content & commerce, with growth in all mobile content and commerce behaviors – product research, banking and purchasing. Members in North America are currently working on the MEF mCommerce Playbook, an exclusive MEF member resource that you will soon be able to download from the main website.

Contributing members include SNR Denton, RIM, InComm, Alliance Data, Impact Mobile, PayOne, OpenMarket, Nielsen, Buck, Samsung and MoPay.

The playbook will feature information on:
  • Current m-commerce and mobile payment models
  • Security and threats that need to be addressed
  • Emerging issues that need to be addressed by the industry
  • Retail and Content focused strategies
  • Regulatory process
For more information on the m-commerce Playbook, please contact MEF North America GM Marjorie Daleo Dehey.

10 December 2012

New Leadership in MEF North and Latin America

MEF  has announced the results of its 2012 North and Latin America board elections.
The elections took place at the international trade association’s regional AGMs held in Miami as part of the third annual MEF Americas 2012, where over 160 senior mobile executives from across North and Latin America’s mobile ecosystems gathered and the inaugural Battle of the Start-ups competition in association Red Herring also took place.
Ron Czerny, CEO of Playphone, who previously chaired MEF’s LatAm Chapter, was elected North America Chair by the new Board and Filipe Roup Rosa, Business Development Director at Boku, was elected as MEF LatAm Chair.
Former MEF North America Chair, Gary Schwartz was re-elected to the regional Board and will take up the role of Special Representative to MEF Global to drive m-Commerce and growth initiatives. 
For the full press release, head over to the MEF website, or continue reading below for more details.

07 December 2012

MEF Panel - the Internet Show, Jakarta

MEF Asia Chairman Colin Miles recently moderated a thought leadership panel at the Internet Show in Jakarta on the 5th December, Making mobile-commerce a viable option in Indonesia”

The discussion explored various mobile topics including facilitating m-commerce, analysing the current gaps in infrastructure, the Indonesian Perspective shown in the MEF Global Consumer Survey and the latest review on proposed regulatory changes.
Colin presented the key findings from the from the Global Consumer Survey on the mobile ecosystem in the region, and the review on the proposed Indonesian VAS regulations and how it will affect mobile transactions and consumer trust issues.
The Global Consumer Survey, including the dedicated country report for Indonesia, is available to download from the MEF website, and is free to MEF members.

For more information contact MEF Asia GM Linda Ruck.

03 December 2012

Samsung VIP Executive Dinner Series

MEF’s Executive Dinner Series, launched back in September, returned to Beverly Hills in LA for the second instalment last month. 

The series, sponsored by Samsung, brought together top level industry execs to discuss how new interactive platforms are continuing to transform the media, sports and entertainment industries. 

Executives from top studios, such as Warner Brothers, and top VCs, such as Shea Partners, joined Samsung to discuss emerging technologies and innovative solutions.

The next executive dinner is set to take place once again in city near you, so stay tuned for more information!

To find out how you can host an executive dinner in your city, please contact MEF North America GM Marjorie Daleo Dehey.