22 December 2011

Distimo report highlights growth of in-app billing

Distimo, the leading mobile app analytics company, has today released its reports examining the movers and shakers for the year in each of the major mobile app stores across several territories. The reports contain a huge amount of data from the whole year covering Apple's App stores for the iPhone and iPad, Android marketplace, BlackBerry's App World, Windows Phone Marketplace, Nokia Ovi Store, and the Amazon Appstore.

The key findings from the reports are:

1. In all appstores the proportion of free applications surged significantly over the past year. In most appstores the average price of all apps decreased and the most popular applications are also cheaper than last year.

2. As publishers appear to be increasingly shunning one-off fees for their apps, in-app purchases in particular have emerged from several business models as the method of choice for app monetization.

3. The reports identify significant regional variations in download volumes with some regions exhibiting spectacular growth, while in other markets in-app purchases have take the fore as the main monetization method. The full reports contain complete details on download volumes and revenue details for all regions.

To download the reports in full, head over to the Distimo website - one report costs €699 for a single user license with concessions available for purchasing multiple territory reports.

MEF members can enjoy 15% off the cost of each - contact us for more information.

16 December 2011

MEF Americas 2011 in Pictures

We've talked a lot about MEF's annual mobile content and commerce gathering MEF Americas 2011 over recent months, and with good reason. Not only was it a hugely successful event with keynotes from the likes of Nokia, Sprint and Coca-Cola, and delegates representing both North America and LatAm from across the value chain - it was also set amid the fabulous Fontainebleau resort, Miami beach, which was definitely a canny choice of venue judging by these fantastic snaps.

Enjoy this year's MEF Americas photo gallery - and let us know if you were there in the comments!

15 December 2011

MEF North America GM is one of Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Women to Watch in 2012

Congratulations to Marjorie DeHey Daleo, our North American General Manager, who has been featured in Mobile Marketer’s prestigious “Mobile Women to watch in 2012” list!

The leading mobile news outlet produces its list each year as a celebration of the talented women likely to make a major difference in mobile advertising, marketing, media and commerce in the year ahead.

In the article, Marjorie talks about her role at MEF and the challenges and priorities for next year;

"For 2012, my priorities are growing MEF’s mcommerce initiative and creating more content distribution opportunities for my clients. MEF’s mcommerce initiative is at the forefront of the industry as we have partnered with ASC X9, the U.S. technical group that develops financial industry standards, to develop privacy and security standards for mcommerce."

Many congratulations to Marjorie on this great achievement , and indeed all of the other execs shortlisted, many of whom hail from MEF member companies – you can read the entire feature on Mobile Marketer.

You can find out more about MEF North America and its initiatives on the MEF website.

09 December 2011

MEF TV : Global Chair Andrew Bud at MEF Americas 2011

In the first of our interviews filmed at MEF Americas 2011: Mobile Content and Commerce recently held in Miami, MEF Global Chair and the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for mBlox, Andrew Bud speaks to Ben Smith of Tribal Labs for MEF TV.

Andrew outlines the key themes of MEF Americas 2011's keynotes from Nokia, Coca-Cola and Sprint on app localisation, the innovative ways of using mobile to engage with consumers, 'the unbanked' and mobile commerce, noting we are in the midst of a time of great innovation and disruption.

He goes on to share his thoughts on how trust, privacy and respect are common global themes and talks about the role of MEF has to play in representing all the participants across the mobile channel. Of key importance, he highlights the need for knowledge sharing between regions, particularly regarding the future of mobile payments and the complex issues involved in ensuring they are sufficiently robust to safeguard the future of mobile commerce.

Checkout MEF TV for more videos from MEF Americas, and stay tuned for featured videos coming soon.

08 December 2011

MEF Middle East Webinar – HTML5 vs Native Apps

Topic: HTML5 vs. Native Apps in defining mobile application strategies
Date: Wednesday 14th December
Time: 14:00 (UAE)

Join us next week for a MEF Middle east webinar discussion examining the different approaches to mobile applications afforded by HTML5 and native applications.

There has been increased discussion around HTML5 in recent months prompting content publishers to question and rethink their mobile application strategies. While many tend to revert to building native apps as a tried and tested solution, there is another camp supporting HTML5 development due to the benefits provided by an immediate cross OS platform.

During this topical MEF ME Webinar, expert panellists will explore the differences, positives and negatives of both native apps and HTML5 in the development of mobile application strategies, providing insights into the issues of security and privacy of both platforms, as well as discussing their potential profitability and overall consumer experience.

Confirmed speakers for this free MEF webinar include;

• Eric Morhenn, Director of Strategic Alliances - Qtel Group

• Terence Eden, Developer Community Manager - InMobi

• Dr. Adel Al-Hezmi, Solution Architect - QUWIC

• Moderator - David Ashford, investor, consultant and formerly GM of AppsArabia.

Check out the MEF website for more information, or contact the MEF Middle East General Manager, George Daaboul directly.

Sign up for the Webinar

05 December 2011

Neil Stiles, President of Variety on building content strategies in a multi-screen world

Neil Stiles, president of the leading showbiz news outlet the Variety Group spoke on a panel at MEF Americas 2011 in Miami last week, where he and other industry luminaries from the likes of Shazam, Turner Broadcasting, Samsung and MTV discussed content strategy in a multi screen world. Ben Smith of mobile tech blog Wireless Worker interviewed Neil shortly afterwards to further explore his thoughts on content and how to succeed in a multi screened, converging landscape.

While dismissive of the wisdom in charging extra for content by simply delivering it to mobile devices, he is excited about the possibilities for mobile in supporting the facilitation of additional revenue streams for content, citing the purchase of onscreen items in TV shows as an example;

“Originally the thought process was all around 'the screen'...now the business model has moved from the screen to a second device, so if you’re watching a show with an i-Phone, the i-Phone or the tablet becomes the transactional device – I think that’s the third revenue stream for television.”

While he concedes that form is important, and a degree of tailoring is useful in ensuring a smooth user experience, Neil argues that the whole first/second screen debate is something of a red herring and that the technology being deployed is largely irrelevant when the focus should be on providing quality content, and providing it wholeheartedly wherever you choose to do so.

The internet is the ultimate in unregulated markets, & it’s the ultimate in zero/marginal cost of distribution... now is the time to be decisive and have confidence... if you produce high quality content, you have to believe someone will be prepared to pay for it”.

Click below to listen to the frank interview in full on the 361 Degrees podcast.

S02 SUP01 - MEF Americas 2011: Neil Stiles on "multi-screen" content (mp3)

Direct MP3 download - 8MB - Subscribe by iTunes, Zune or RSS

Via Wireless Worker

Image: Variety.com

01 December 2011

Download your free copy of the Netsize Guide 2011

MEF is pleased to again be official partner for the Netsize Guide 2011.

The Netsize Guide is the comprehensive work of reference on the state of mobile technology and its impact on business and society. This, the 10th edition, brings you 220 pages packed with thought leadership material, in-depth market analysis, interviews with industry leaders and case studies as well as a wealth of mobile telecommunications data. The guide also features an overview of the challenges facing M-commerce from MEF Executive Director, Rimma Perelmuter who discusses how MEF is tackling these issues though its global initiatives.

This year’s edition explores three key themes that drive the future of mobile: Transaction, Transformation and Trust.
  • Transaction - How we've come to rely on mobile devices for commerce from researching products to making purchases.
  • Transformation - How mobile devices are increasingly driving content, communications and connectivity.
  • Trust - How we now require simple, transparent services and devices we can trust.
The guide also features:
  • 14 interviews with industry senior executives at leading companies including; ARM, Atlas Premium Brands, BNP Paribas, CMO Council, The Coca-Cola Company, Gameloft, GlobalPlatform, Informa Telecom & Media, Millennial Media, SingTel, Texas Instruments, Trusted Logic and Yahoo
  • Mobile telecommunications market data, app and mobile device usage (including tablets and smartphones) and social media statistics covering 41 countries, from Informa Telecom & Media, comScore and SocialBakers.
  • A wealth of companion links to online reports, research and market analysis.

18 November 2011

Nokia and Sprint to Keynote MEF Americas 2011

Exciting news from MEF Americas 2011, Nokia and Sprint have been announced as keynotes for MEF Americas 2011: Mobile Content and Commerce in Miami!

Nokia is to kick things off on day 1 with a keynote examining the trend towards the creation of ‘Hyper Local App Economies’, with a focus on the shift from a global ecosystem model to one where millions of people make money by selling and exchanging apps and content at a deeply local level. The keynote will explore new distribution models that give everybody the opportunity to create a distribution business, and the emergent app economies being observed. The keynote will be delivered by Nokia's Marco Argenti, SVP Developer & Marketplace.

Meanwhile top billing for day 2 goes to Sprint - John Carney, SVP of Consumer Marketing will be exploring the challenges and opportunities surrounding m-commerce and alternative financial services for the under-banked. The unbanked, under served segment of the population is extremely large and growing and while the technology and ecosystems largely exist to take advantage of this opportunity, the carriers can’t do it alone. The keynote is set to educate attendees about this market, where the near and longer term opportunities exist, and what needs to happen to get results.

The Keynotes top an extensive list of panel sessions and speakers, checkout the website for the full lineup. The essential gathering for thought leaders & deal makers from across North & Latin America’s mobile content and commerce ecosystems is now less than two weeks away - time to start packing!

10 November 2011

Indonesian Value Added Services Market in Crisis - MEF takes action

Colin Miles moderates a panel at Next Billion event in Jakarta

MEF is calling for its members affected by the recent regulatory upheaval in Indonesia to get in touch to collaborate on a project to clarify the compliance process for value added services (VAS) following a near complete shutdown of the industry in the region. If your business has been affected,  contact MEF to contribute to crucial activity underway to remedy the situation there, and help shape the future of the VAS market in the region.

As of midnight, October 18 2011, all VAS subscription billing services were switched off on the direction of the Indonesian Ministry of Telecoms. This Ministerial direction was driven by widespread concern about consumer harm following media portrayals of some services as "credit theft", enforced via their Regulatory Associations (primarily BRTI) and carried out by the Association of Mobile Network Operators (ASTI). A number of contributing factors had recently caused the number of complaints about such services to rise dramatically including instances of non-compliance in the promotion and content of some services and the relative ease and difficulty in unsubscribing from certain services, compounded by widespread public misunderstanding and misinformation about such services and a failure by some consumers to read t's&c's before accessing a service.

In line with the Ministerial direction, all consumers were immediately unsubscribed from services by Indonesia’s 11 Mobile Network Operators and interim rules have been put in place to control the re-subscription of customers via double-opt-in, and relating to the promotion of existing and new services. The outcome of this direction has had massive impact on the entire Indonesian VAS industry, from the Mobile Network Operators down through the value chain, effectively resetting the Indonesian VAS market to zero.

While MEF supports the Indonesian Ministry and Regulator’s primary objective to address and curtail consumer harm, there is now an essential need to work quickly, decisively and collaboratively to identify the exact cause of the recent consumer harm, eliminate bad practice and ensure that rogue activity cannot return to the market. Furthermore, all legitimate services need to be quickly reinstated and clear industry-wide guidance around service monitoring, auditing and regulatory enforcement need to be established to safeguard the future of the Indonesian VAS industry.

MEF’s global expertise in the area of regulation and its position as the global trade body for the mobile content and commerce industry representing the entire value chain, makes it ideally placed to effectively support collaboration and discussion between BRTI and the industry to actively address and resolve the current problems and work towards creating a viable framework for the delivery of compliant services.

Earlier this month, Miranda Roberts, MEF’s Policy and Initiatives Manager, travelled to Jakarta to attend The Next Billion Event and meet with MEF members affected by the situation. While there, the BRTI Commissioner invited Miranda to attend a meeting to discuss the problems, along with  MEF Asia Chairman and EVP & Co-Founder of i-POP, Colin Miles, in what proved to be a useful first step in knowledge sharing.

Following its meeting with BRTI, MEF has been invited to contribute to the compliance process and is now seeking to engage with members and wider industry to create collaborative industry working groups and review and clarify rules for the industry. The result of this activity will be the production of an Industry Best Practice Framework of Standards, covering the promotion of services, processes for sign-up, opting-in, subscribing, unsubscribing, billing and customer service, all in conjunction with the regulator.

To get involved in this crucial project, contact Miranda or MEF Asia General Manager Linda Ruck directly. Keep checking the MEF website for further updates.

01 November 2011

Join the MEF AGMs and Board Elections for the Americas in Miami

MEF Americas 2011: Mobile Content & Commerce, to be held in Miami at the end of the month isn't all about exciting keynotes and fantastic speakers. It's also not just about relaxing in the splendour of the luxurious Fontainebleu resort while waiting for the next fantastic keynote to begin. No before all that, before the essential gathering has even kicked off properly, another event of huge importance occurs, the MEF LatAm AGM & Elections. The North America AGM & Elections are held the following evening, both represent a significant opportunity for MEF members.

As you will know, MEF plays an essential leadership role in creating a sustainable environment for, and accelerating the uptake of mobile content & commerce. Today, with the rapidly changing landscape and scope of the mobile environment, there has never been a better time to add your voice to the shaping of the industry by standing for a position on one of these prestigious boards. This year there are 12 open seats on the MEF LatAm board, and 5 open seats on the North American Board.

All MEF members are welcome to attend both AGMs. Full MEF members may vote and stand as a candidate for these prestigious boards and create thought leadership, share knowledge and address the critical issues facing the mobile commerce and content industry.

About MEF LatAm

In the two years since its launch, MEF’s LatAm chapter has become a leading voice for the mobile content and commerce industry in the region. In 2010, a MEF initiative led to the creation of a Unified Code of Conduct for mobile content subscription services and advertising in Brazil which has been endorsed by all four of the major network carriers and the regulator Anatel. In 2011, MEF is again taking the lead in producing a set of guidelines to define the standards for consistent application of the Code and its sanctions. MEF LatAm is also promoting the M-Commerce market in the region with the recent launch our M-Commerce Initiative. With a focus on micro-payments and the virtual goods market, MEF LatAm is at the forefront of educating network carriers, games publishers and social networks on the potential of mobile payments.

The MEF LatAm AGM & Elections take place Monday, November 28th at 5pm at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Please contact Priscila Grison for more information on how run for the board. To register your attendance, please click HERE.

About MEF North America

MEF North America has been at the forefront of the mobile entertainment market since its launch in 2002, with strong ties to its members across the region and an established track record of shaping the industry with groundbreaking initiatives. With MEF’s expanded mission to represent the global community for mobile commerce this trend is set to continue in 2012 and beyond with our M-Commerce Initiative, working with ASC X9 to define industry standards for the privacy and security of mobile transactions, recently highlighted in our Global Consumer Survey as the greatest barrier to more widespread adoption of m-commerce. MEF North America is firmly in the driving seat in establishing the consumer and merchant confidence necessary for the mobile platform to become the premier device to enable commerce across North America and Canada.

The MEF North Americas AGM & Elections take place Tuesday, November 29th at 5pm at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Please contact Georgia Aarons for further information on how to run for the board. To register your attendance, please click HERE.

17 October 2011

Be a part of MEF’s Second Dedicated Industry Survey focusing on the Middle East

Another survey of import was launched by MEF this week, the second MEF Middle East Content & Commerce Survey. This one focuses squarely on the Middle East and is part of a series of investigations into the state of the Mobile content & commerce market in the region. MEF is inviting all companies with activities in the region to take part, regardless of where they're headquartered, or how long they've been in the mobile space.

The first survey, published in August 2011, showed an overwhelmingly positive outlook of businesses in the value chain, with 35.6% of mobile content and commerce players anticipating better than expected revenues with growth predicted to be 32.9% on average. This confidence extended to all mobile content and commerce categories featured in the survey, with Mobile Social Networking and Applications achieving the highest growth expectations.

The survey is being conducted in association with KPMG, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the results, and is distributed in partnership with GITEX, widely recognised of course as one of the largest and most important ICT events in the Middle East and indeed, the world.

Said Rimma Perelmuter, MEF Executive Director: “As the first mobile focused trade body with a dedicated presence in the Middle East, MEF is committed to supporting growth and innovation in this strategic territory. Last week, MEF organised a dynamic showing at GITEX, one of the region’s top annual gatherings and ran a successful MEF Connects networking event with InMobi.  The findings from the second MEF survey will contribute to a vital time-series and provide a comprehensive overview of the Middle East’s mobile content & commerce market and where it is headed.  We invite all active companies investing in the region to take part.”

Companies interested in sharing their thoughts can do so here. The survey closes November 10, check out the MEF website for more details.

11 October 2011

MEF unveils Global Consumer Survey exploring habits of mobile phone users across five continents

The changing role of the mobile phone in everyday life from simple communications device to the indispensable multi-purpose tool we are familiar with today has been well documented. What the mobile device today is actually being used for by real consumers globally however remains less clear, and is explored in minute detail in The MEF Global Consumer Survey released in full today, which provides a fascinating insight into what kind of activities we are using our phones for. 

From trends in accessing the internet via the mobile device to the dissection of mobile shopping and banking, the report explores the consumer habits of over 8000 mobile phone users surveyed from nine countries across five continents, giving unprecedented insight into the behaviour of consumers around mobile engagement across a variety of contrasting markets.

Said Rimma Perelmuter, MEF Executive Director; “MEF’s GCS report provides invaluable insights to both mobile specialists and new entrants to the wider ecosystem looking to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving mobile habits of consumers across developed and developing markets.” - read the full press release here.

The Full report and the nine Country Data sets are available for MEF members to download in their entirety for free. For non-MEF members the full report is on sale for £1999. The Executive summary is also available for free for members and non members alike.

Free access to such reports are just one of the benefits of being a MEF member, for more information check out the MEF website, or contact Rupen Patel.

For a brief roundup of some of the key findings from the report - hit the link below..

07 October 2011

MEF Partners with CTIA to take centre stage at CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011

In North America next week from 10-13th, MEF will be in attendance at CTIA Enterprise & Applications in San Diego, and is thrilled to be CTIA’s partner for the mCommerce Pavilion & Showcase, a unique area of the CTIA floor space focusing on the boundless capabilities of mobile commerce and showcasing companies providing the platforms and applications key to mobile commerce.

Programmed by MEF and with significant benefits for MEF members, this is a must attend part of the show for mobile network operators, retailers, financial institutions, media and entertainment companies interested in the digital transfer of money mobile technology.

MEF will also be hosting an M-Commerce Panel at CTIA - Which M-Wallet? - to be held on Wednesday the 12th on the CTIA Exhibit Innovations stage.
MEF’s M-Commerce initiative has focused on bringing together brands, financial institutions, content owners/producers, carriers and retailers to create greater transparency while increasing consumer confidence in mobile transactions. MEF has assembled an expert panel to delve into the complex privacy, security and transactional issues surrounding m-commerce, while providing practical advice to assist brands, financial institutions, and content owners/operators to best utilize new and old forms of payment. Make sure you don't miss this one.

For more information on MEF's involvement at CTIA - contact North America General Manager Marjorie Daleo.

Reminder: Less than 24 hours for Early Bird Registration for MEF Americas 2011

MEF Americas 2011: Mobile Content and Commerce, is the essential gathering for North America and LatAm companies looking to understand cross continental opportunities and drive investment in mobile.

The Early Bird registration deal offers significant savings of over 30% for MEF Members and non members alike, representing a $200 saving on the cost of entry! The deadline for Early Bird registration is midnight PST, October 7th, and will not be subject to further extension, so act quickly to save!

Headline speakers for MEF Americas include Citibank, Coca-Cola, MTV and Turner Broadcasting.

MEF is still accepting submissions for speakers until the deadline - If you or one of your senior executives would like to be considered as a speaker at this landmark event, you can register your interest here.

MEF Connects Dubai - GITEX Tech Week

Busy time for MEF coming up, lots of exciting events across the globe with great benefits for MEF members. Next week in Dubai it's GITEX Technology Week, and the MEF Middle East Office will have a strong showing.

In addition to it's dedicated stand and series of open panel discussions at GITEX itself, MEF ME will be hosting MEF Connects Dubai, an exclusive member invite only networking event, brought to our members in association with inMobi. Held in the Novotel in DWTC, right in the heart of GITEX on Tuesday the 11th October, MEF Connects Dubai will offer the opportunity to mingle with local and international business guests including the leading Middle Eastern companies from the mobile content and commerce value chain. Attendees will be able to leverage MEF's extensive global network in addition to networking with operators, handset manufacturers, content owners, aggregators, retailers, financial institutions and the media.

The event is strictly invite only, open only to MEF members and their guests ensuring the quality of attendees and resultant opportunities for conversation and discussion, for the lowdown on this, and MEF's presence at GITEX contact George Daaboul, General Manager of the MEF Middle East Office.

We're also offering free complimentary passes to GITEX to 20 lucky MEF members, again contact George, but it's strictly first come first served so act fast..

30 September 2011

MEF Extends Early Bird Registration for Miami Event by 1 week

MEF has announced that the registration deadline for MEF Americas 2011: Mobile Content & Commerce has been extended by 1 week, due to popular demand. Scheduled to expire at midnight PST today, the Early Bird registration deal knocks a whopping $200 off the cost of entry to the prestigious Miami event, to be held November 29-30. The new deadline to get your registration in is midnight October 7th - and indications are that this will be the one and only extension on the offer!

Register now and save 30%!

MEF Americas 2011: Mobile Content & Commerce  is an exclusive two-day event, now in it's second year at the beautiful Fontainebleau resort in Miami, and will see the coming together of key players and thought leaders from right across the mobile commerce and content value chains. While undoubtedly an appealing locale, Miami more importantly represents the ideal meeting point between North and South America allowing attendees to come together in a cross continental exchange of ideas and interests, which is what made the event such a success in its inaugural year when over 200 attendees from across the regions gathered for focused deal making and industry shaping debate.

Speaking of the 2010 event,  Ron Czerny, Chair MEF LatAm said; “One of MEF’s goals for the event was to exploit the organization’s global footprint and strong representation in both regions to facilitate cross-border business.. Utilizing innovative programming including a round table Leadership Summit format, MEF facilitated an interactive discussion amongst business leaders to take a deep dive into the industry’s critical issues and business opportunities.”

Full details of the savings you can make on registering before the October 7 deadline can be found on the event website. It's worth noting too that the deadline for speaker submissions has also been extended, so MEF members can still propose speakers for the many panels to be hosted.

Amazon Kindles Fire under tablet market

This week, Amazon unveiled their first foray into the tablet market with their new full colour, 7 inch Kindle Fire. The launch immediately ignited debate as to whether the Fire constituted a credible threat to Apple’s dominance in the market, primarily because of the pocket friendly $199 price tag, a fraction of the iPad’s which starts at an eye-watering-by-comparison $499. And while the debate rages on, the general consensus thus far seems to be; Apple needn't lose too much sleep, but everyone else should sit up and take note.

Running a modified Android OS, the Fire will be able to access all of Amazon’s considerable online offerings via wifi (crucially however, no 3G as yet) including movies and TV shows, music downloads and the millions of books and magazines available from the Kindle store. Angry Birds fans are catered for via the well stocked Android App store and the Fire features ultra fast web browsing thanks to the new Amazon Silk web browser.

With just 8GB of on board storage, the Fire will heavily utilise Amazon’s cloud storage facilities to host all your content for free, no mean feat considering the wealth on offer. Amazon has also eschewed the other expensive components of larger tablets such as embedded cameras and mics in favour of a more streamlined experience, no doubt instrumental in reaching that all important price tag which could prove so disruptive to the tablet market.

So the price may be right, the content is all present and correct and the overall package looks slick and appealing, but will the lack of all important 3G connectivity prove to be the plucky pretender’s undoing? Surely to get the best use out of all that cloud based content and processing power users will want to be able to get at it on the go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

29 September 2011

MEF LATAM M-Commerce Summit is resounding success

On the 22nd of September, MEF hosted its MEF LATAM M-Commerce Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event aimed to explore the topics of micro payments and virtual goods from the perspective of the many varied players in the market including content producers, online games companies, social networks, mobile carriers, billing aggregators, banks and credit card companies and more! Much to our delight, the gathering has already been hailed as a great success, with over 120 attendees from across the MEF membership and beyond giving a resoundingly positive response to the afternoon of panels and discussions, not to mention the fabulous cocktail party at the close of the day. This of course bodes extremely well for the impending MEF event in Miami, MEF Americas 2011:Mobile Content & Commerce.

Click below for a brief roundup of the afternoon, and for more pictures from this great MEF event.

26 September 2011

MEF Connects… event roundup

As you may know, MEF provides its members unrivalled opportunities for business development and facilitates brand visibility for mobile content and commerce leaders on a global scale. Exclusive event co-ordination and participation with significant member discounts is just one of the many benefits our members enjoy. MEF is involved in numerous events around the world in the coming months, many exclusively organised by MEF for the benefit of our members and the wider industry. An events calendar can be found on the MEF homepage and is continually updated with new events of interest across the mobile spectrum. Such events are always being suggested by our members, so it's worth checking the calendar frequently to ensure you’re up to date with where in the world you need to be to avoid missing the best gatherings in the world of mobile content and commerce.

A roundup of all our current events can be found after the break, with details of some fantastic savings and opportunities for MEF members – click continue reading to check out what we have lined up for the rest of the year..

21 September 2011

MEF announces the return of MEF Americas 2011 - Mobile content and Commerce

MEF has formally announced the return of its hugely popular MEF Americas 2011- Mobile Content & Commerce conference. This prestigious event is to be held on the 29-30th November 2011 in the fabulous Fontainebleu resort, Miami Beach Florida, the ideal meeting place between North & South America. This annual gathering is set to be the must-attend event of Q4 for mobile professionals from right across the mobile value chain looking to looking to do business in the Americas. Last year’s was cited as the “deal making event of the year”, and all signs point towards a repeat performance for 2011 with confirmed first speakers including Citibank, Coca-Cola and MTV. Registration for this unmissable event is now open, and those who get theirs in before the 30th September can take advantage of the early bird discount to make significant savings on the cost of entry.

22 August 2011

MEF Executive Questionnaire #25 Nickhil Jakatdar , Vuclip

MEF continues to seek new ways to profile its members and promote the thought-leadership of the senior executives within these companies. We are pleased to launch the MEF Executive Questionnaire to reveal the real people behind the industry in an informal and entertaining manner.

This will be a regular feature of the MEF blog, so make sure you subscribe via email or RSS. If you are a senior executive from one of our member companies and would like to be featured then please contact your local GM

The twenty fifth in the series is from Nickhil Jakatdar - CEO & Co-Founder of Vuclip.

26 July 2011

CommunicAsia & MEF Asia Events - It’s a wrap!

What a week in Singapore for MEF Asia. This year’s CommunicAsia hosted at the impressive Marina Bay Sands was voted the best so far with more than 1,400 exhibitors, 51 countries and an estimated 56,000 delegates.

We hope you enjoyed our hospitality in Singapore and your visit was a success!

In 48 hours MEF Asia achieved:

  • Hosting an AGM and Board Elections
  • Cocktail Reception for our visiting guests from around the world
  • Hosted a successful fast paced one day VAS forum with 29 speakers at the MEF Mobile Strategy day co hosted with CommunicAsia
  • Launched the MEF Asia M-Commerce Guide
  • Connected many of you with international business contacts
  • Provided more than SGD $65,000 in complimentary delegate passes for our MEF speakers
  • Secured 15 media interview for our members!
On Wednesday 22nd June, MEF Asia hosted our AGM and Board Elections and announced our new MEF Asia board. Newly elected MEF Asia Chair, Colin Miles, EVP & co-founder, i-POP Networks Pte Ltd (an InternetQ Company) will lead the growing Asia Chapter. Reflecting the ongoing evolution of the industry, the MEF Asia Board also brings together leaders representing the wider ecosystem across Asia, including Admob, Hungama Mobile, IMImobile, InMobi, KPMG China, Maxis Communications Berhad, Mono Technology, Netbiscuits, Speedcast, Silverstreet and Tata Teleservices.

15 June 2011

MEF Executive Questionnaire #24: Nick Jensen, Dialogic

MEF continues to seek new ways to profile its members and promote the thought-leadership of the senior executives within these companies. We are pleased to launch the MEF Executive Questionnaire to reveal the real people behind the industry in an informal and entertaining manner.

This will be a regular feature of the MEF blog, so make sure you subscribe via email or RSS. If you are a senior executive from one of our member companies and would like to be featured then please contact MEF Marketing Director, Stephen Jenkins.

The twenty fourth in the series is from Nick Jensen, CEO of Dialogic.

01 June 2011

MEF Executive Questionnaire #23: Thomas Clayton, Bubble Motion

MEF continues to seek new ways to profile its members and promote the thought-leadership of the senior executives within these companies. We are pleased to launch the MEF Executive Questionnaire to reveal the real people behind the industry in an informal and entertaining manner.

This will be a regular feature of the MEF blog, so make sure you subscribe via email or RSS. If you are a senior executive from one of our member companies and would like to be featured then please contact MEF Marketing Director, Stephen Jenkins.

The twenty second in the series is from Thomas Clayton, CEO of Bubble Motion.

28 February 2011

MEF Executive Questionnaire #22: Justin Ho, co-CEO, Utiba

MEF continues to seek new ways to profile its members and promote the thought-leadership of the senior executives within these companies. We are pleased to launch the MEF Executive Questionnaire to reveal the real people behind the industry in an informal and entertaining manner.

This will be a regular feature of the MEF blog, so make sure you subscribe via email or RSS. If you are a senior executive from one of our member companies and would like to be featured then please contact MEF Marketing Director, Stephen Jenkins.

The twenty second in the series is from Justin Ho, co-CEO, Utiba,

22 February 2011

MEF Connects MWC 2011 Party

We had a great time at the MEF Connects party at Mobile World Congress 2011 - and so did our attendees by the look of the photos below:

View more on the MEF Flickr photostream.