02 July 2009

MEF responds to latest mobile services complaint figures released by PhonepayPlus in the UK

MEF warmly welcome the mobile services complaints figures released today by PhonepayPlus, one year on from the introduction of new rules following its 2008 Mobile Review. The fact that total complaints regarding mobile services are down by over half since June of last year is wonderful news for mobile entertainment and reflects the hard work MEF and the wider industry has undertaken to increase transparency and improve the consumer’s experience. The findings are mirrored in the Consumers and Convergence study recently undertaken by KPMG in association with MEF, in which we found that consumer satisfaction with mobile music services had grown globally from 26% in 2007 to 66% in 2009.

Consumer trust in mobile services underpins the future success and growth of the mobile entertainment industry. It is encouraging to see that this trust is on the rise and to observe the impact that this is having on the companies offering these services. In the most recent MEF Business Confidence Index, compiled by KPMG, the organisations in the mobile entertainment value chain surveyed were confident that their business would continue to grow despite the current economic downturn, predicting an average revenue growth of 28% over the next year.

- Suhail Bhat, Policy & Initiatives Director, MEF

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