13 July 2009

MEF Leads the Way on Mobile Entertainment and Mobile TV Debates

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the MEF team and following on from the recent success of MeM 2009 and the Meffys, we’ve been featured in some high profile publications for the work we’ve been doing on the Mobile Entertainment and Mobile TV debates.

Firstly, Reuters and the International Herald Tribune featured Andrew Bud, Global Chair of the MEF, and the global research that MEF conducted with KPMG into consumer satisfaction with mobile entertainment. In an article called ‘Apps a nail in coffin of broadcast mobile TV’, Andrew talks about the lively debate surrounding mobile TV versus mobile video. Andrew is quoted saying:
“Mobile TV is all about real-time, linear transmission ... where the timing of the programming was set by the broadcaster and the consumer would dip in and dip out.”

"Mobile video is much more about video-on-demand. It gives the consumer much more freedom. It's also a little less stressful on the mobile networks."
The article also notes:
"A survey by KPMG and the MEF found that nearly 40 percent of consumers had at one time watched a piece of mobile video on their handset: 52 percent of them said the experience was satisfying, against 38 percent of a much smaller number of users who said they had tried broadcast mobile TV."
MEF was featured in another article on Reuters this week, entitled ‘Mobile entertainment seeking players and payment' that looked at MEF’s work on the second Business Confidence Index (BCI) compiled by KPMG:
“From social networks to games, images and music; online entertainment has increasingly moved to the mobile handset…

According to the trade association Mobile Entertainment Forum, the global mobile entertainment industry is now worth some $32 billion dollars.

According to a survey released in June by the forum and compiled by KPMG, the industry also remains confident that it can continue to grow strongly despite the current economic challenges, predicting average revenue growth of 28 percent for 2010.”
Both of these pieces highlight that MEF is leading the way on the mobile entertainment and mobile TV debate and is looking out for what’s happening to the industry in our own backyard. For more information about the MEF BCI, compiled in collaboration with KPMG, see http://www.m-e-f.org/news/mef_news/bci2/

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