28 January 2009

MEF comments on what to expect at the upcoming Mobile World Congress

Rimma Perelmuter, Executive Director of MEF, recently appeared in Mobile Business in the build up to this year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress.

In a feature called ‘Unveiling the Colussus’, Rimma comments on MEF’s upcoming initiatives, such as the Business Confidence Index and Content Sales Reporting template:

“The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) will be helping its members understand the opportunities and challenges that have resulted from the economic downturn. Rimma Perelmuter, executive director at the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF), says one of the first things MEF will be doing is understanding how its members feel, through sharing and discussing the results of the newly launched Business Confidence Index. This will highlight the state of the industry and illuminate key trends, providing competitive advantage to members and an important tool for the industry to better prepare for the future.

Perelmuter adds: “We will also be looking at ways in which the industry can remove barriers to growth and develop essential metrics with our Content Sales Reporting (CSR) initiative. The MEF CSR template will help media owners reduce revenue leakage of up to 10% and provide evidence for better product marketing, leading to sustained investment in mobile.”

You can find the article in this month’s online issue of Mobile Business.

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