26 August 2009

MEF Free AFME Southeast Asia Webinar

MEF Asia, with support from Telecom Asia and Wireless Asia, invites you to join our webinar to understand the progress Ad-Funded Mobile Entertainment (AFME) has made across Southeast Asia and to get updated with the latest trends and real-world situations.

Date: 27 August 2009
Time: 4.30pm (SIN) / 9.30am (UK)
Duration: 45min

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Outline Agenda:
  1. 1. Introduction - Joerg Krahnert, MEF Asia Board Member & Managing Director of Netbiscuits
  2. Highlights of the AFME Southeast Asia Report - Suhail Bhat, Policy & Initiatives Director, MEF
  3. Interactive Panel: Let’s get real with ad-funded mobile entertainment!
  • What types of entertainment works best with ad-funded as a business model?
  • What are the best tricks of the trade to work AFME for your business?
  • Lessons from abroad

Moderated by:
  • Joerg Krahnert, MEF Asia Board Members & Managing Director, Netbiscuits

  • Bernie Tay, Head of Performance Advertising, APAC, Admob
  • David Booker, VP Sales – International, Amobee
  • Andreas Behrens, SVP Business Development Asia Pacific, Fox Mobile
  • Kugan Thirunavakarasu, SGM, Head of Product Development & Infotainment, Maxis Communications

MEF will provide an overview of its AFME for SE Asia report which projected growth across Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to be worth $2.6m by 2013. This significant growth was predicated upon several factors including the wide adoption of 3G, the development of viable business models and the understanding of brand marketing objectives within the value chain. You can access the full report here.

Following the report overview, our panelists will each give their views on how the market has changed since the study was published and discuss what now needs to be implemented to deliver further success with AFME business models.

This webinar will provide all participants with the following:
  1. an understanding of the current business realities for AFME in SE Asia
  2. an opportunity to question the thought leaders on the panel by sending in questions and comments in real-time via IM
  3. insights into future opportunities for exploiting AFME in the region
  4. a FREE copy of the AFME SE Asia report
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For further information regarding the AFME Southeast Initiative please visit: http://www.m-e-f.org/initiatives/current_initiatives/ad_funded_mobile_entertainment/

Or contact:
Crystal Chua crystal@m-e-f.org

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