21 May 2009

Meffys judge Alex Farber looks at opportunities for innovative mobile content providers

Writing on NMA.co.uk this week, Alex Farber argues that there’s a real opportunity for talented UK businesses in the mobile content industry to apply their skills and experience globally.

In an article titled 'Best entries in mobile awards expose others’ weaknesses', Farber looks at how, while helping to judge the sixth annual Meffy Awards, he was struck by how far mobile services have come.

Farber was part of a panel looking at the content and social networking categories for the event, organised by MEF, and gives advice to those operating in the industry:
"The best entries clearly stood out as well considered, thoroughly produced and mobile specific; those that help to fulfil a need in a real-life scenario or that entertain in an integrated way... The bar has been raised by innovative pieces of work. If you’re going to take time to offer a mobile service, do it properly."
You can read the whole article here.

The Meffy Awards ceremony will take place as part of MEF's Mobile Entertainment Market in London on 23 June.

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