19 November 2008

New research predicts revenues will reach $2.6 million by 2013 and help offset piracy

The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) says ad-funded mobile content will offset piracy losses in South East Asia and help grow the industry as a whole.

The trade body's new members-only report on Ad-Funded Mobile Entertainment (AFME) forecasts that Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand will generate $2.6 million in revenue by 2013.

That's not an astronomical number by any stretch, but the MEF says the figure is equivalent to a not-so-insignificant 52 million click-throughs, thus highlighting the potential of the sector.

A point made in the research is that AFME will help offset the revenues lost to piracy on mobile content such as games, music and ringtones, helping to grow the  local industry  beyond ‘network controlled’ content such as ringback tones.

Stefan Rust, MEF Asia Chair, said:

“Our membership is telling us there are clear benefits to ad-funded content. This is not just replacing revenues lost through piracy but also helping to grow mobile entertainment revenues in the long-term. This growth in mobile entertainment revenues reflects a maturing mobile data market across Asia and will also drive innovation for mobile advertising to develop beyond messaging and banner advertisements.”

MEF members can access the full report here.

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