30 October 2008

MEF Americas addresses Verizon rate hike

Recently MEF Americas put forward their member's views on Verizons announcement of a possible hike in message termination (MT) fees.

The response gained a lot of reaction from the media coverage from MEFs outreach last week. Telephony reported that MEF stepped 'Gingerly into the VZW Text Fee Debate', while Wireless Week provided more round coverage in their peice titled 'MEF Weighs in on SMS Hike Proposal'. Mobile Marketer looks at MEF's 'hopes to foster a fair outcome from the Verizon rate hike' and RCR Wireless reports that Verizon's 'proposed text fee increase is still being digested'.

Jim Beddows, chair of MEF Americas, put forward a full response in a feature in Mobile Entertainment:
"We’re urging Verizon to reconsider the timing, scale and terms of its proposed fee increase. The industry is ready to engage with the carrier to help find a solution that meets its objectives, without suddenly negatively impacting the businesses of so many companies in the mobile entertainment industry at this delicate moment."
Jim Beddows, Chair of MEF Americas.

As Jim says in his article, this is just one example of the role MEF plays in the industry as indicated by its mission statement – to accelerate the growth of the industry by being its voice and a champion of a positive consumer experience to industry, government, academia and media.

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